Basic Silversmithing Course​

Once a new member has completed 3 cabochons, they may sign up for other courses offered by the club, including the Basic Silversmithing Course.

This course is taught by experienced instructors and there is a comprehensive instruction booklet supplied. The Basic Silversmithing Course covers 3 jewellery projects which teach members the most important basic techniques of silversmithing. 

The first project involves creating a copper pendant out of copper sheet. The students learn the use of the jewellers saw, saw piercing, filing and sanding metal, and the use of the various tools. 

The second project is a silver chain bracelet which reinforces the above techniques with an added emphasis on soldering practise. 

Workshop Schedule

The final project involves creating a silver ring using a cabochon that the student has previously cut. The techniques learned in this project can be used later to make all sorts of jewellery: pendants, earrings, bracelets etc. This Basic Silversmithing Course is a very popular one, and there is often a waiting list when members first sign up. A nominal fee for this course covers the cost of the sterling silver, copper, silver solder, and saw blades that are supplied in the class starter pack. 

Any other tools needed are available in the silversmithing room (e.g., torches, files, pliers, tweezers, mandrels, polishing equipment etc.) free of charge for members. After completing the Basic Silversmithing Course, members are welcome to work on their own projects in the silversmithing room on the days that an instructor is scheduled. The instructors are there for support and guidance.

For the convenience of students, there is also an assortment of sterling silver for sale in the silversmithing room for when students are ready to begin their own projects.

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