Casting & Investing

The Gold Coast Lapidary Club is very fortunate to have its own investing and casting area which includes machines to help in the making of jewellery pieces from scratch. The casting area involves technical skills using vacuum casting equipment as well as an induction heat electric furnace.

We have a vulcaniser which allows you to make your own personalised vulcanised molds which we then inject wax into from our wax injector. From there our members make a cast investment solution that gets poured into flasks and once set – roughly 24 hours, they are then placed into a kiln and a 6 and a half hour burnout process then begins. 

Once the wax has been melted out a blank of the original mold is now formed inside the flask. The metal is then melted in our heat furnace and the burnout flask is then placed into our vacuum casting machine for the molten metal to be poured in. Its then submerged into a tub of water and the complete piece is then ready to be finished and polished, which is usually in the silversmithing area.

Workshop Schedule

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