Workshop Schedule

Introductory Faceting Course

New members can enter our Introductory Faceting Classes after satisfactorily completing their three cabochons and when there is a machine available. Gem faceting describes the art of transforming precious, rough gemstones into a sparkling gem. When completed, the gem can be set into jewellery or displayed. 

Gemstones usually used include, ruby, sapphire, topaz, quartz (amethyst, citrine and smoky quartz) and garnet. The first of three designs are chosen. They are octagonal, then standard round brilliant and an emerald cut. A piece of rough (usually quartz) is trimmed with a diamond saw to remove unnecessary material until the size is approximately 8 to 12mm diameter.

The stone is mounted on a small metal rod called a Dop Stick so it can be attached to the faceting machine and placed against a revolving diamond impregnated griding disc called a lap. Using progressively finer grinding diamond grits, the gem is formed into the desired polished shape. The completed gem is removed from the Dop Stick to admire and show off your final masterpiece. We use a few different brands of faceting machines to obtain high degree of competency and skill.
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