Opal Polishing

Gold Coast Lapidary Club: Opal Polishing Overview

We are happy to offer you an opportunity to dive into the mysterious world of OPAL!!!

Our Opal Cutting class, is designated to members who complete the clubs introduction course. The class is operated under the supervision of our finest, experienced and lovable opal instructor, who is aiming to share the ‘WOW’ moments and enjoyment of cutting and polishing Opal. During class, Opals from South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland are provided and this will be a wonderful opportunity for you to feel and learn how unique and different Opals are.

We are certain once you cut your opal you will be amazed that you are the first person to reveal and witness the true beauty of the Opal. Every single Opal experience has a drama, containing the story and memory in its beauty. After completing the course, you will keep observing your Opal, day and night. It is called ‘Opal Fever’ and this is a very normal symptom for someone who experiences these priceless Opal ‘WOW’ moments.

To learn more, you can join our Lapidary Club and be guided through the skills of cutting and polishing Opals and making jewellery for your stones.

Workshop Schedule

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