Important: Your membership fee includes Personal Accident and Public Liability Insurance & must be paid for by members to use club equipment

  • $85.00 – Full Membership
  • $51.00 – Associate Membership 
  • $65.00 – Assistant Instructors 
  • $51.00 – Active Instructors 
  • $26.00 – Life Membership (insurance fee only)  
  • $31.00 – Junior Membership (12 to 16 years of age)
  • The Duty Instructor is in Charge of the Club Rooms during Classes and Assistant Instructors work under the Instructors responsibility.
  • Ear protection is recommended at minimum, plugs are provided in the start pack or you can provide your own personal ear muffs. They should be worn whilst in Cabbing and Saw Room.
  • Eye protection is recommended whilst using the trim saw or open saws. Glasses hang on the wall.
  • Covered Shoes must be worn whilst in the Cabbing Room area.
  • Waterproof Apron is recommended for Cabbing.
  • Long hair and loose clothing should be tied back or contained.
  • The Duty Instructor has the right to decide if a stone is suitable or not to be used on Club Equipment.
  • Boulder Opal or “Dirty Stones” must be cut on the “Dirty Saw” outside.
  • Extended use of Club saws and grinders will be under the Instructors decision and should not be more than 20 minutes on a machine.
  • Maximum of 3 Stones to be worked on at one time, keep the rest in your Rock/Tool Box
  • Club tools and equipment should not be removed from the Club under any circumstances without the permission of the Club President.
  • Only authorized personnel are permitted to use the 18” and 12” saws. If you need a stone cut see the Instructor.
  • Please consider your personal hygiene as odors can offend fellow members.
  • Be considerate and tolerant with fellow members. Some have hearing problems and may not have heard correctly.
  • Clean up time starts 15 minutes before class completion. If you intend on leaving early, please ask the instructor how you can help to clean 15 minutes before you leave. Please don’t leave early without doing any cleaning. This includes toilets, kitchen areas and washing of towels.
  • The Club operates on a Voluntary Basis so please thank and help Instructors where possible.
  • Day classes 10am-3pm fees $10 per day or $5 per ½ day or evening 6pm-9pm (small fee to cover running expenses of club).
  • New members will be introduced into the club by a Committee member or Instructor, who will explain the clubs procedures and requirements. Members agree to attend 3 General Meetings, and these are held in the Club rooms on the morning of the last Sunday in February, May, August and November. The AGM is held in May.
Members are also expected to volunteer to help for the Annual Gem Show in June.
Failure to observe the club rules may lead to discipline action involving interview with the committee, suspension and possible expulsion from the Club.
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